Merchant Bars: Angles and Bars

Merchant Bars: Steel Angles in UAE Steel Yard

A stock of angles in the BMG steel yard

Merchant bars are shaped from steel billets and we stock the standard sizes used in Fabrication, Engineering, Civil Engineering, Transport and Manufacturing.

They fall under the category of Long Products and are sold in a range of profiles:

  • Angles (Equal and Unequal)
  • Flat Bars
  • Round Bars
  • Square Bars
  • Shafting Bars
  • Deform Bars

Merchant Bars Availability

Currently in stock we have a wide range of angles, flat bars, round bars, square bars and shafting bars.

We sell in wholesale and retail quantities.

Non-standard sizes are also available – if we don’t have your item in stock, we can often source it for you.

Telephone 06-534-3811 or email for current stock and prices.